Outer Banks’ Season 3 Teaser Trailer Shows The Pogues Stranded, And The Fans And I Have Questions

Madison Bailey as Kiara and Rudy Pankow as JJ in Outer Banks Season 3 teaser hugging.

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 Will JJ And Kiara Finally Get Together? 

Scrolling via #OuterBanks on Twitter, it’s clear that followers are unbelievably delighted as well as interested regarding the future of JJ as well as Kiara. For instance, this follower tweeted a collection of pictures from a solitary secondly of the trailer, revealing both embracing:  

Fans have actually been delivering both considering that the first day. While JJ, Pope as well as John  B. have all sometimes as well as some still do squash on Kiara, it feels like it may be JJ’s time to take points to the following degree. In Season 2 Kiara as well as Pope were with each other, nevertheless she damages it off with him. While it’s an actual secondly of the trailer, it follows 2 periods of seeing their electrical chemistry, solid relationship, as well as waiting years for them to obtain with each other. Maybe currently is the moment? We’ll learn in Season 3. 

The Pogues sitting together on the island, facing the ocean.

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Obviously, The Pogues Are Stranded, How Will They Get Off The Island?

While social media sites is not truly posturing this concern yet, it’s my greatest concern: How on Earth are these children gonna leave that island? With each period the risks obtain greater (as well as a lot more ludicrous), as well as at the end of Season 2 we saw our band of heroes obtain stranded on an island in the center of the sea. 

The trailer does reveal a huge watercraft relocating via the water, which can mention their rescue, however I truly don’t recognize exactly how anybody is mosting likely to discover them. I presume Ward as well as Rafe may be inspired sufficient to search for Sarah, that is their little girl as well as sis, specifically. However, those 2 have actually verified simply exactly how dreadful they are, as well as I truly don’t believe they would certainly do something like that unless it was ill-intentioned. 

It appears clear to me they will ultimately leave the island, since we see series in the trailer, like the Kiara as well as JJ minute for instance, that occur in locations of human being. So, we understand they leave the island, however I’m very interested to see exactly how they complete this.

The main cast of Outer Banks.

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 When Will Netflix Release Outer Banks Season 3?  

Another among the large inquiries after the launch of the trailer, is when will we be obtaining Season 3? While the communications with the tweets are reduced, it appears to be the important things many people comment around. Like @BanksNetflix, that published:  

Or @lennamarvel3 that reacted to Netflix’s statement with: 



Well, they’ve been dealing with the brand-new period for a long period of time. My ideal hunch, it’ll be out mid-year in 2023. After celebrating their Season 3 renewal late in 2021, the cast of OBX returned to function. While they have actually covered shooting as well as we obtained this intro, we still don’t recognize when we’ll reach binge Season 3, all we understand is it will certainly be at some time following year. 

Looking back, Season 1 of OBX was launched in April 2020 as well as Season 2 in July 2021. In my point of view, it’s a perfect summer season program, so my hunch is it will certainly be out at some time in the very early summer season of following year. 

While we await as well as think over Season 3, you can return as well as see the initial 2 periods of Outer Banks with a Netflix subscription

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