Новые детали DLC Shadow of the Erdtree для Elden RingУ DLC нет требуемого уровня..

New Details About the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring

The DLC has no required level, but you need to defeat Radahn and Mohg, Lord of Blood, to access the location;
There are over 10 full-fledged bosses and many side ones in the expansion;
More than 100 new types of weapons and 8 new weapon categories are added;
Bosses can alternate between elements (for example, ice and lightning), forcing players to adapt during the fight;
A new system called “Shadow Realm’s Blessing”. This is a cumulative buff that reduces incoming damage and increases damage dealt to enemies, but only works in the new location;
The DLC still reuses animations and models from the base game, but many new enemies have been added;
Leisurely playthroughs of Shadow of the Erdtree can take 30-40 hours;
The size of the DLC on PlayStation will be 16.5 GB;
The pre-load of the expansion will start on June 19.

The DLC release will be on June 21.

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