Nils Frahm Surprise Releases Album for Piano Day: Listen

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Graz, “an unheard snapshot of a young Nils,” was recorded in 2009

Nils Frahm
Nils Frahm, photo by Sebastian Rieck

Nils Frahm celebrated Piano Day (the 88th day of the year) by releasing an album that’s described as “an unheard snapshot of a young Nils.” The record, simply titled Graz, was recorded in 2009 at Mumuth, the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. It was produced by Thomas Geiger. Frahm’s first album with his longtime label Erased Tapes, Felt, was released in 2011. Give Graz a listen below.


01 Lighter
02 O I End
03 Because This Must Be
04 Kurzum
05 And Om
06 Hammers
07 Crossings
08 About Coming and Leaving
09 Went Missing



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