News: Yoji Shinkawa is designing mechs for Kojima’s new game

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metal gear11 -

metal gear11 -

Hideo Kojima’s next game will feature mechs designed by famed Metal Gear Solid artist Yoji Shinkawa, it’s been revealed.

Talking to IGN, Shinkawa explained that his role as Art Director at the new Kojima Productions will, for the most part, be “the same it’s always been”.

“I’ll be in charge of creating the concept for the characters, concepts for the backgrounds, concepts for the mechs, their designs,” he said. “Once that’s done, I’ll also overlook the whole art process. In that regard, it won’t change that much. I hope I can do my best the way I’ve been doing so far.”

Mechs have featured prominently in Kojima’s previous games, of course, with the titular Metal Gears and Zone of the Enders’ Orbital Frames. His next game, however, will be a brand new IP published by Sony, and will not be related to Metal Gear or the cancelled Silent Hills.

“One thing that’s different is I want to accept more challenges and do things as I wasn’t able to do before,” Shinkawa continued. “I want to expand, on a personal level, the things I can do. We’ve been working on a franchise that is beloved and has recognizable characters. One of my big goals is, visually, as well as whatever characters we create, go beyond that, are more recognizable, are more beloved. That’s definitely one of the goals I have when it comes to the art side.”

Little is known about Kojima’s next game, but expect to see it arrive on PS4 before landing on PC at a later date.