News: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review Round-up

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star wars force awakens -

star wars force awakens -

The first round of reviews for Star Wars: The Force Awakens are out, and the reception from critics has been rather good.

You’ll have to wait until Friday for Steve’s verdict, but I can tell you he’s super hyped to share his thoughts with his fans.

For the time being get hyped by reading some lesser opinions.

Total Film: Star Wars: The Force Awakens is not perfect nor could it ever be. But for every niggle…there are 10 things that are exactly right, and it says much that no one will leave disappointed despite going in with hysterical levels of expectation.

The Telegraph: From the off, JJ Abrams’s film sets out to shake Star Wars from its slumber, and reconnect the series with its much-pined-for past. That it achieves this both immediately and joyously is perhaps the single greatest relief of the movie-going year.

Wall Street Journal: Rarely have age and shining youth been juxtaposed more affectingly, but that’s only one of many moments of grace in a movie that mines its resonant mythology while moving its story ever forward.

The Guardian: The Force Awakens is ridiculous and melodramatic and sentimental of course, but exciting and brimming with energy and its own kind of generosity. What a Christmas present.

Variety: The reassuring familiarity of Abrams’ approach has its limitations: Marvelous as it is to catch up with Han Solo, Leia and the rest of the gang, fan service takes priority here over a somewhat thin, derivative story that, despite the presence of two appealing new stars, doesn’t exactly fire the imagination anew.

TIME: When you’ve been charged with reviving one of the most obsessively beloved franchises in modern movies, is it better to defy expectations or to meet them? With Star Wars: The Force Awakens, J.J. Abrams splits the difference, and the movie suffers—in the end, it’s perfectly adequate, hitting every beat. But why settle for adequacy?

Movie Nation: The Force Awakens boils down to a couple of genuine lump-in-the-throat moments, and those are due to nostalgia. The rest? Seen it, done it, been there, and remember it — even though it was “a long time ago.”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens at midnight.