News: Hardware Rivals launches for PS4 on January 5

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Hardware: Rivals screenshot

Hardware: Rivals screenshot

Multiplayer vehicle combat game Hardware Online will launch for PS4 on January 5 priced €20.99, having been in a PS Plus members beta earlier this year.

Players can battle online across multiple maps and game modes, taking down opponents and collecting bonus bounties for defeating their biggest rivals. Choose to play as a team or go it alone.

“We’ve been busy tweaking the game based on your feedback from October’s beta trial, and also putting the finishing touches on a ton of new stuff,” explained Daniel Durnin of the SCE Connected Content Group. “We’ve added another map, Outpost 92 – a frozen, deep-core mining facility drowning in snow and ice, cut off in the face of a blizzard. It’s the ideal place to try out our new vehicles: the Sledgehammer (Tank) and Nomad (FAV). They’ll be lining up alongside the Predator and Wraith, ready for you to unleash devastation.”

Additional free game content is promised very soon after launch, including new maps, vehicles and game modes. Also look out for “unique community events” each week, which promise to mix up modes, weapons and rewards.

Check out the launch trailer below.