New Overwatch 2 hero Kiriko is generally Genji as an assistance therapist

Overwatch 2 Kiriko
(Image credit score: Blizzard)

We’ve obtained our very first correct check out the brand-new Overwatch 2 assistance hero Kiriko, and also therapist keys need to be really delighted. A Kiriko gameplayer trailer debuted today at the Tokyo Games Show, offering gamers a possibility to see the most recent hero at work.

Kiriko is a rapid, vibrant therapist that was established “with 5v5 in mind” according to the Overwatch programmer upgrade. Her key capacity is Healing Ofuda, which sends out forth little bits of paper amulets that are thought to be imbued with powers. They can focus in on gamers, and also despite the fact that they appear a little bit sluggish, are very easy to utilize to recover flying heroes. Her additional is a kunai, which she can throw away fairly promptly – these will certainly threaten in the hands of a gamer with great precision.

Kiriko likewise has an Ally Teleport capacity which permits her to promptly teleport to pleasant gamers – and also it also overcomes wall surfaces. Her Protection Suzu capacity throws away a tiny bell that makes any type of ally in its AOE briefly untouchable while likewise cleaning debuffs. Don’t concern, Blizzard has actually seen to it her Suzu capacity isn’t on-par withBaptiste’s Immortality Field “This is a lot shorter duration. It’s very useful and you can use it to counter a lot of abilities but you have to be able to time it really well,” ensures elderly game developer Piero Herrera.

And if Kiriko really feels acquainted, that’s deliberate. “There was a lot of inspiration taken from Genji,” associate narrative developer Kyungseo Min claimed throughout a roundtable meeting that Games Radar participated in. “In fact, one of the starting points to this character was how can we create a support hero that DPS players like Genji would enjoy playing.”

Kiriko also has close connections to theShimada Clan Her mom was a tough ninja that educated both Hanzo and also Genji when Kiriko was a girl, so the bros treat her type of like a “cute little niece,” according toMin Min ensures us that you can anticipate lots of enjoyable voice lines in between her and also the Shimada bros – specifically when Kiriko brushes up in to conserve the day and also recover them.

Kiriko matured in Kanezaka under the tutoring of a ninja mom and also a grandma that instructed her all the obligations of caring for the Kanezaka fox temple, to which they have genealogical connections. Therefore, Kiriko stands for an equilibrium in between battling and also recovery, and also is likewise “a trickster, like the fox spirit,” according to Min.

If new heroes are going to be part of the battle pass, we fear it’s going to be bad for players and Overwatch 2 itself.




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