Netflix’s New Show Dated And Related Is Clearly Trying To Make Everyone Uncomfortable With First Trailer, And It Kinda Works

Reality dating shows are a dime a dozen these days, and it’s pretty easy to see why, given how wildly entertaining (and bingeable) shows like Too Hot to Handle, FBoy Island and Love Is Blind have proven to be. With so many options — Netflix alone provides its fair share of dating shows — streaming services are always looking for new twists to put on the dating games. The latest offering for Netflix subscribers, Dated and Related, looks like it might be another winner with its intentionally cringe concept. 

The trailer shows a bunch of sexy singles being swept away to a villa in France to search for love in the most romantic country in the world. The catch? The contestants’ siblings are along for the ride, and they’re…also looking for love? Sure, why not? (Wait, I can come up with plenty of reasons why not.)

It looks like the Dated and Related cast is in for plenty of uncomfortable moments on all points of the spectrum. Especially the one scene in the teaser that shows a man just watching as his presumed brother or sister gets hot and heavy on the couch next to him. Yeesh. 

Dated and Related is set to premiere on Friday, September 2, on Netflix, and in the meantime, check out some of the other best Netflix shows to watch, and see what’s coming up with our 2022 Netflix TV Schedule.

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