Nathan Fillion Addresses How Nolan’s Season 5 Career Move Keeps The Rookie’s Title Relevant

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Season 5 of The Rookie is ideal nearby, as well as it seems an excellent one. The period will certainly see Nathan Fillion’s John Nolan in a various function, as he’ll formally be a training police officer as well as not a novice. While keeping the title of The Rookie may be a little bit difficult since Nolan is not a real newbie any longer, Fillion addresses just how it will certainly remain appropriate post-career adjustment.

To advertise both The Rookie as well as brand-new offshoot, The Rookie: Feds, Nathan Fillion as well as Niecy Nash-Betts questioned each various other throughout a meeting with EW. They reviewed their corresponding programs as well as crossovers, as well as when Nash-Betts asked Fillion concerning what Nolan as a training police officer will certainly resemble, he previewed simply what it would certainly resemble as well as just how Nolan will certainly still be a novice:

Yes, John is mosting likely to be a training police officer. Training police officers were absolutely a huge component of the beginning of his occupation as well as just how he began being a police. It’s the following sensible advancement in his occupation. He wishes to be a training police officer due to the fact that he wishes to repay. Also, due to the fact that he sees that there requires to be some adjustments in the division, as well as he wishes to belong of that adjustment. He really feels that’s the most effective location he can do it. Thirdly, as well as most likely one of the most crucial factor, is all individuals that come near me as well as go, “Hey, how long is Nolan going to be a rookie?” They’re truly worried concerning whether he’s a novice. When you progress in your occupation, as well as you’re doing a brand-new point, you’re immediately a novice throughout once again. It’s even more of an allegory, I think.


While Nolan might not be a novice in the cops division any longer, he is still a novice when it happens a T.O., so seeing just how he browses that as well as does his very own training will certainly be something brand-new. And it seems like he will certainly still wish to make some adjustments to the division, which can create some intriguing stories as he is still a novice. Nathan Fillion as well as Niecy Nash-Betts went back as well as forth concerning it:

  • “Sure. It’s the beginning of a new chapter in his life.” – Niecy Nash-Betts
  • “He’s a rookie training officer. It works for me.” – Nathan Fillion
  • “Back at the bottom. Not the bottom, but the beginning. A new beginning.” – Nash-Betts

We understand just how wonderful of a policeman Nolan is, as well as with his various experience being available in as a novice at such a late time, he certainly has some points to instruct whomever he’s training. Chicago P.D. as well as Legends of Tomorrow veterinarian Lisseth Chavez will be a new rookie in the upcoming period, so just how those 2 will certainly interact will certainly be something to anticipate. 

Meanwhile, Nathan Fillion has actually been hyping up Season 5 of The Rookie, as well as it’s also consisted of comments from a former Castle co-star. The upcoming period will certainly additionally include Lucy as well as Tim going covert as their doppelgängers, where they could ultimately resolve the elephant in the space concerning their connection. Fans must additionally anticipate a crossover or more with Feds, which will certainly make points much more intriguing.

Although The Rookie as well as The Rookie: Feds won’t be collaborating on the very same evening of ABC’s fall 2022 schedule, it appears like we will certainly maintain obtaining of the celebrities with each other, whether it’d be to advertise their corresponding programs or in a crossover. And we certainly understand that John Nolan will certainly offer Simone Clarke some guidance concerning being the oldest rookie at her job.

Season 5 of The Rookie premieres Sunday, September 25 at 10 p.m. EST on ABC! Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what else to anticipate.

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