Mysterious Patch Notes Reveal Fans’ Hopes for Tamed Hardest Bosses in Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 mechs
(Image credit scores: Bandai Namco / FromSoftware)

Armored Core spot 1.02 is out currently, and also amongst the information, among the extra notable functions is that the spot has “adjusted certain attacks performed” by both Balteus and also the Sea Spider, extensively attended be 2 of the hardest employers in the brand-new game. 

Sadly, it’s hard to obtain a kept reading simply exactly how both employers have actually been impacted. You’d anticipate in charges to have actually been adversely affected by Armored Core spot 1.02, considering that they’re both viewed as exceptionally leading currently, yet with FromSoftware’s patch notes you simply never ever understand – the notes themselves just mention that the programmer has “adjusted certain attacks” from each of in charges. Over on the Armored Core 6 subreddit, there’s currently individuals discussing Balteus as if it’s dead, and also they’re significantly predicting their needs below.

Balteus, wherefore it’s worth, is possibly the harder of both employers. It’s everything about where in charge battle occurs in Armored Core 6 – considering that it takes place right at the end of Chapter 1, the gamer hasn’t opened the substantial bulk of the game’s toolbox and also mech components, so they’ve obtained fairly restricted devices to experiment with. Balteus is viewed as the initial significant difficulty for Armored Core beginners, and also permanently factor. 

Elsewhere, attack rifles have actually seen a large lover. Turner and also Scudder have actually both seen boosted strike power and also projectile rate, in addition to having their reload times lowered. This is going down an absolute treat on the subreddit, as gamers have actually had their petitions addressed for rifle lovers, successfully rubbing several of one of the most typical tools in the whole game.  

On Bandai Namco’s internet site though, FromSoftware composes that the brand-new spot is “focused on balance adjustments that will allow players more build diversity in the early and mid-game when assembling their AC.” This is possibly why attack rifles have actually been rubbed, and also why Balteus has actually been changed – attack rifles are just one of one of the most highly-used sorts of tool early in Armored Core 6, and also Balteus is one of the most hard employer in the opening hrs. 

The internet site additionally keeps in mind that “PvP oriented balance adjustments will be released at a future date,” suggesting there’s a substantial spot heading fairly quickly. FromSoftware might be ready to rebalance several of the primary tools and also frameworks on the PvP scene, like blades and also Songbirds. 

If you’re still explore various kind of builds and also tools, make certain to review our Armored Core 6 builds guide for several of the very best mixes in the game. 



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