Миядзаки (тот, что из FromSoftware) поделился деталями дополнения Shadow of the ..

Miyazaki (from FromSoftware) shared details about the ‘Shadow of the Erdtree’ expansion for Elden Ring

However, the chief designer of the company did not reveal anything specific. So:

‘Shadow of the Erdtree’ will focus on the lore of Elden Ring and will have multiple endings, but none of them will conclude the main story – leaving an opening for a sequel;

The game will introduce a large amount of new weapons, combat skills, and spells. They will not be limited to the DLC only and will work in the main game;

The expansion will unfold the storylines of many characters, only mentioned in Elden Ring, for instance, the Holy Trinity;

‘Shadow of the Erdtree’ is the first and last expansion for Elden Ring. The developers are not planning to add any more content to the game.

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