Major God of War Ragnarok personality was camouflaged as an NPC just the supervisor found out about

god of war ragnarok ending
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God of War Ragnarok‘s supervisor has actually disclosed a personality was concealing in simple view the whole time.

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Speaking to IGN’s Podcast Beyond previously today, God of War Ragnarok supervisor Eric Williams mentioned Odin’s hoax in camouflaging himself as various other personalities. Williams disclosed there’s one factor in the game where Odin is camouflaged as an additional personality, that just he understands about.

This would certainly be when Kratos and also Atreus initially get to Svartalfheim by watercraft, early in Ragnarok’s opening up hrs. Williams exposes that Odin in fact makes a look in this scene, as the Dwarven NPC that spews over the side of the bridge in the direction of Kratos and also Atreus in their watercraft, right before the huge alarm system rings out to sharp others of their existence. 

Upon more detailed evaluation, the dwarf concerned does in fact birth some similarity to the All Father. Oddly sufficient, they both have the exact same designed head, and also the dwarf likewise seems using an eyepatch, over the exact same eye that Odin shed when he peered right into the strange gap, no much less.

It’s in fact really simple to think of Odin spewing at Kratos and also Atreus while in an additional type, as his really refined method of providing the finger without the duo recognizing it’s also him. This Dwarven NPC isn’t the only time Odin plays spruce up as an additional personality, as those that have actually completed Ragnarok will appropriately recognize.

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