Looks like counterfeit Elden Ring DLC leakages are walking around

Elden Ring colosseum locations
(Image debt: Bandai Namco)

New Elden Ring DLC leakages flowing on the internet recommend an expose at the Taipei Game Show following month, however they’re possibly bull crap.

The leakages, which appear to have actually stemmed from 4chan, show up to reveal brand-new Elden Ring material consisting of a brand-new location as well as a brand-new axe, however the photos look much less as well as much less genuine with each passing glimpse. As mentioned by 2 relatively famous Elden Ring follower accounts on Twitter, the leakages appear to have actually been made utilizing a mix of out-of-bounds places on the map, reduced web content, as well as mods.

“Don’t be fooled by the new Elden Ring DLC leaks going around. While I can’t prove it’s fake, pic1 & 2 is Rico’s armor,” claimed Elden Ring dataminer Sekiro Dubi (opens up in brand-new tab), describing an NPC that was reduced from the game prior to launch. “That’s an out of bounds area at the edge of map collision. The axe one? no idea about the wp, but the far away lands is part of today’s map.”

Of program, there’s constantly a little possibility these extremely dodgy looking “leaks” are really genuine, however it’s around as much of an opportunity as I contend whipping Malenia with my hands linked. And for context, I have yet to defeat Malenia with my hands unknoted.

All that claimed, Elden Ring workshop From Software has actually validated itsupcoming appearance at the Taipei Game Show, but only to show off Armored Core 6 There’s no indicator that an Elden Ring upgrade will certainly be consisted of in the workshop’s discussion, as well as considered that they’re apparently scaling back their presence at the show (opens up in brand-new tab), much more Elden Ring information appears not likely.

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