Last night time’s Destiny: Rise of Iron hotfix tidied up plenty of garbage loot issues, simply in time for Iron Banner

Destiny: Rise of Iron, now with considerably fewer causes to mild an effigy of RNGesus on fireplace.


Destiny: Rise of Iron was patched upfront of this week’s Iron Banner Control occasion.

The replace rolled out as a hotfix so it shouldn’t take too lengthy to obtain and set up when you fireplace Destiny up, however golly, does it pack a good bit in.

Most of the adjustments handle actually irritating loot points, just like the Winter’s Run strike not dropping Skeleton Keys, Rise of Iron Vanguard and Crucible weapons not decrypting from engrams, Comitatus failing to drop like ever, and Dusty Iron Engrams dismantling into Legendary Marks as a substitute of Silver Dust – which was tremendous gross.

My private favorite is that it now not prices Silver Dust to use Iron Lord, Trials of Osiris, and Heroic Mode Raid Armor Ornaments, so that you shouldn’t have to fork over actual cash for these any extra.

Bungie has additionally fiddled with the SIVA key fragment drop fee with a view to make it a bit extra rewarding. Here are the complete Destiny hotfix patch notes:


  • Strikes
    Fixed a problem the place The Taken Archon Priest within the Winter’s Run Strike was not dropping Skeleton Keys on the meant fee


  • Maps
    Fixed a problem the place gamers had been in a position to entry the rooftops on Skyline


  • Fixed a problem the place Rise of Iron Vanguard and Crucible weapons weren’t decrypting from Engrams
  • Fixed a problem the place Comitatus was persevering with to not drop correctly from Faction Packages for gamers who personal Kondratyuk’s Escape
  • Fixed a problem the place Armor decrypted from Dusty Iron Engrams was dismantling into Legendary Marks. It will now dismantle into 1 Silver Dust
  • Removed Silver Dust price to use Iron Lord, Trials of Osiris, and Heroic Mode Raid Armor Ornaments
  • Players will now earn SIVA Key Fragments at an total elevated fee
    • The first time a Raid boss is killed on Normal problem they’ll drop three SIVA Key Fragments. For the following kill that week, they’ll drop two, after which one for the third kill that week
    • After the fourth or higher kill, the boss will now not drop SIVA Key Fragments for the week
    • The identical conduct will happen for killing Heroic bosses