Kevin Smith Already Has Regrets About One Clerks III Scene

Ben Affleck in Clerks III

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The complying with consists of small looters for Clerks III.

Kevin Smith’s new film is only simply out on the planet as well as currently the writer/director has an issue with it. Smith has actually been taking Clerks III around the nation with his Convenience Tour, evaluating it for followers, which suggests he’s seen the film himself numerous times, as well as he’s discovered one scene he’s currently desiring he’d done in a different way. 

This previous weekend break the Convenience Tour remained in Sacramento, CA as well as CinemaBlend remained in participation. During the message film Q&A Smith spoke about the scene, where a multitude of celebs show up in a spreading mosaic, experimenting with for components for the movie being fired within the film. One of the stars that shows up is Smith’s longtime friend Ben Affleck, as well as the supervisor currently desires he’d asked Affleck to do his scene in a different way. Smith described…

This is what I are sorry for as well as it was so very easy as well as I had him as well as I must have went the various other means. So, Affleck turns up…and afterwards Affleck does the De Niro perception, which is ok. He must have done a Matt Damon perception.


In Clerks III Jeff Anderson’s Randal has a heart attack as well as, seeming like he never ever completed anything in life, decides to make a flick. The movie he assembles, based upon his very own life, is basically the initial Clerks, as originally created by Kevin Smith.

The preliminary strategy is to employ stars to play the imaginary components of Dante as well as Randal, so a spreading telephone call is made. What complies with is among the funnier scenes in the movie, with celebrities like Sarah Michelle Geller, Freddie Prinze Jr., Danny Trejo, as well as much more show up to review remarkable lines from the initial Clerks. Ben Affleck is among them, playing a personality that calls himself “Boston John.” John is an enormous De Niro follower, yet Smith desires he made Affleck do an impact of a common good friend in Matt Damon, claiming… 

He speak about being this star “Boston John,” he’s like ‘ah, De Niro’s my fuckin’ loadstone. Which must have been ‘Matty Damon’s my fuckin loadstone’ as well as he might have done a couple of lines from Good Will Hunting. Every evening I view it as well as go ‘why didn’t I do another draft?’


It’s difficult to say that such a scene would certainly have been quite amusing. Matt Damon has actually additionally shown up in a couple of Kevin Smith movies, as well as Smith actually co-produced Good Will Hunting, so it would certainly have been an in-joke on numerous various meta degrees. The scene with Affleck is still great, yet yep, perhaps it might have been much better. 

If you’re a follower of Kevin Smith’s View Askewnaverse, there is lots to like in Clerks III, as well as a great deal of enjoyable to be had in the Convenience Tour if it hasn’t made its means to your city yet. 

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