JLo Turned 53 Today. Naturally, She Celebrated By Announcing She’s Releasing A ‘Booty Balm’ And More

Jennifer Lopez in Marry Me.

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Life has been pretty sweet for Jennifer Lopez as of late. Two decades after splitting from him, Lopez finally married Ben Affleck in Las Vegas, and the two seem incredibly happy. All the while, the entertainment mogul has also been making plenty of business movies, as per usual. Well, today marks a very special occasion for JLo, as she’s celebrating her 53rd birthday, and the star is ringing in this new year of life in a very special way. It turns out she’s releasing a brand-new “booty balm,” and she dropped more exciting news.

Jennifer Lopez made the announcement via a video shared on her newsletter. The star expressed excitement, as she discussed her first-ever “JLo body drop.” While Lopez has released plenty of products that are aimed at maintaining the skin on one’s face, she believes that something needs to be developed in order to maintain the rest of the body. With that, she’s now presented fans with the aforementioned “booty balm,” and there’s more good news for those who’d love to get their hands on it. 

The product, which is targeted at those who want to improve their “assets,” isn’t set to arrive until August. However, the entertainer explained that she pulled a limited quantity of the balm earlier and is giving her newsletter subscribers early access to it. Though it’s her birthday, it seems the star wanted to give her fans a gift, as their “love and support means so much” to her. On her Instagram, she also dropped a post that gives an even better idea of what potential consumers can expect from the product. Check it out down below: 

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Jennifer Lopez definitely knows just how to satisfy her fans, and it wouldn’t be surprising if her most loyal devotees snatch up this first round of “booty balm” quickly. Here’s to many more birthdays for the performer and quick results for those who end up buying the balm. 

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