Jenny Hval Shares New Song “High Alice”: Listen

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Jenny Hval, photo by <a href="">Lasse Marhaug</a>
Jenny Hval, photograph by Lasse Marhaug

Jenny Hval has launched a brand new tune from her upcoming new album The Practice of Love, which is out September 13 through Sacred Bones. It’s known as “High Alice” and you’ll hear it under. The new tune follows Hval’s earlier single “Ashes to Ashes.”

“For a while, this song felt like my entire album. I had no idea what the rest of it would be, just a feeling like this song and the title, the two words ‘High Alice,’ would get me there,” Jenny Hval mentioned in an announcement. “My guiding stars on the time have been Clarice Lispector’s The Hour of the Star and Kylie Minogue’s ‘Confide in Me.’ Maybe High Alice is the narrator of this album. I don’t know the way I wrote it, it was computerized. But I discovered it actually humorous that I discussed the ocean thrice. High Alice goes to all of the locations I’ve taught myself to keep away from, just like the 4 Big Themes: Love, loss of life, life, the ocean. The ocean. The ocean.”

The Practice of Love follows Hval’s 2018 EP The Long Sleep and her 2016 album Blood Bitch. Hval lately introduced her new novel Girls Against God will arrive in 2020, translated to English from Norwegian, as a part of Verso Books’ new Verso Fiction sequence.