VIP on CS:S servers SE7ENKILLS (6 months)

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VIP status for 6 months on CS: Source servers SE7ENKILLS project

After payment, you will receive an activation key.

To activate VIP-key, you should go on server and write a command in the CONSOLE:

key your_key

The key is activated on the following servers:   | #1 Public   | #2 Public | #3 Deathmatch | #4 Public   | #5 Public

Before buying, you can test the benefits of VIP-status free of charge, just write in chat: !viptest
To use your purchased VIP-status, write in chat: !vip or in the console: vip

VIP Features

Public servers:

  • Immunity from plugins: ban weapons, voteban, etc.
  • Unique player skins
  • 100 of armor each round and its regeneration + 700$ after 3rd round
  • A set of sapper and grenades each round
  • 50% more ammo in reserve
  • Jumps «BunnyHop»
  • Hiding from the radar
  • Anti-flash from your team (The ability not to get blind from themselves and / or allies.)
  • Invulnerability from falling from height
  • Free movement between teams (command !swap)
  • Auto muffler for M4A4 and USP-S
  • Invulnerability from the attack and grenades of your team
  • Models of grenades. The ability to change their appearance
  • Different color of smoke for your smoke grenades
  • Colored traces of grenades
  • Selection of weapons for auto purchase
  • Money and HP for murders
  • Throwing knives (it includes 3 knives)
  • Ability of vampirism. Transforms some of the damage into HP
  • Ability to change the color of messages, nickname, prefixes in the chat
  • Tag in the TAB statistics menu
  • When shooting, you will not be slow down
  • Dissolution of the body after death
  • Drawing on the walls
  • Instant change of weapons when ammo ends
  • Ability to change team, even if it is crowded
  • Effects of revival
  • Drop of all weapons, including knives and grenades
  • Reserved seat on the server (on request)
  • Resetting statistics, full or partial (on request)
  • The ability to heal teammates

Deathmatch server:

  • Includes all the benefits described above
  • HP Regeneration
  • Bonuses for murders
  • Endless ammo

* The list above is not exhaustive.