I can not quit considering that we may be in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

Dragon Age: Inquisition

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From the min my Inquisitor pounded their blade right into a map of Tevinter at the extremely close of the Trespasser DLC, with strategies of seeking Solas, I’ve thought of the function we might have. In the scene, spymaster Leliana mentions simply minutes prior to the blade is dived that Solas knows with just how the Inquisition and also its group run. So, my Inquisitor states that they will certainly “find people he doesn’t know” to stop the Dread Wolf’s strategies. This was the initial signal that some brand-new faces are coming, and also obviously, a brand-new lead character. 

Fast ahead years later on, and also we obtained a behind the scenes at BioWare video in 2020 (opens up in brand-new tab) for the ‘The Next Dragon Age’. In it, there was one line specifically that I right away acquired and also still consider, and also it was truly the very first time we obtained a strong little lead on the instructions of the following schedule of personalities: “For the game we’re working on now, we want to tell the story: What happens when you don’t have power?”, lead author Patrick Weekes claims. “What happens when the people in charge aren’t willing to address the issues?” This enticing bit recommends we’ll be playing as a personality that probably does not command due to their social standing in Thedas, or a distinct power like that of the Inquisitor.    

A teaser trailer (opens up in brand-new tab) after that went down some months later on told by none apart from Varric Tethras himself – the lovable rogue and also narration dwarf we initially fulfilled in Dragon Age 2. In it, Varric teases that “It’s time for a new hero. No magic hand, no ancient prophecy,” yet rather “the kind of person they’ll never see coming.” This once more strengthens Weekes’ words regarding not having power. If we remain in quest of Solas, what far better method to discover him or attempt to stop his strategies than to play as somebody that can strike from the darkness, or run undetected? My ideas right away resort to popular intrigues that fit this costs, like the Antivan Crows or the Friends of Red Jenny… There’s likewise Tevinter’s credibility for enslavement to think about, also. 

New starts  

Dragon Age 4

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But prior to we also start to suppose on what intrigues or teams can enter into play, it deserves considering just how Dreadwolf could enable us to develop our personality and also whether it will certainly adhere to the very same path as Dragon Age: Origins, or, to a lower degree, Inquisition and also Dragon Age 2. The initial entrance in the collection enabled us to select from 3 various races (Human, Dwarf, Elf) and also courses (Rogue, Warrior, Mage). In some circumstances, we can also select various social standings. 

What you picked established just how the opening of the game plays out, with different beginning tale beginnings connected to each one that all ultimately lead you to sign up with the Grey Wardens. Inquisition likewise allows you select your race and also course, while Dragon Age 2 just allows you pick your course and also locks you right into being a human. The course or race does not impact just how those games start, yet the globe at big will certainly respond in a different way to you relying on what you select, and also you’ll exist with distinct discussion choices therefore.

We do not yet recognize way too much regarding Dreadwolf’s method to personality production, yet it’s practical to think that it will certainly be improving what’s come previously. A recent update from BioWare (opens up in brand-new tab) discovered various facets of game layout, with developer Luke Barret discussing a few of the RPG systems and also objectives for the future journey. One component, specifically, from Barret attracted attention to me: “We really wanted to have something that allowed the player to character-build in a way that allowed them to reach their ‘player fantasy.’ And because we’re supporting so many choices, we’ve designed something that can be customized widely, as opposed to a more linear progression system.” 

This appears as if it will certainly play right into the staminas of the RPG collection by offering us a lot of liberty to form our very own personality and also their tale nevertheless we want. It does likewise make me rather confident that we can probably see the return of an Origins-design start if great deals of options are being sustained.  

The Grey Warden

Dragon Age 4

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If we have the alternative to once more select our course and also race, probably we will certainly likewise select an intrigue this time around around that will certainly establish just how our start plays out, or affect what choices we can make. There have already been some interesting theories circulating about this idea thanks to a supposed leak that apparently revealed a player-character as a Grey Warden in Weisshaupt Fortress. It’s hard not to obtain thrilled regarding the suggestion of intrigues… Just envision it: What if we could select if we’re a Grey Warden, which establishes just how the journey starts and also elements right into what distinct options we can make, or responses we can have? 

It would absolutely play right into the suggestion of allowing us meet our “player fantasy” by offering us the alternative to select. Of program, it’s ideal to take any type of leakage with a large pinch of salt, yet the visibility of Weisshaupt Fortress entirely makes good sense considered that it’s the native home and also head office of the Grey Wardens, and also we likewise recognize something is taking place there many thanks to the end of Inquisition. 

The Antivan Crows and also The Friends of Red Jenny 

Dragon Age: Inquisition

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So if Dreadwolf were to enter the instructions of allowing us select our intrigues, what various other teams could be offered as choices? Well, as I highlighted formerly, it might make good sense to see a few of the much more concealed companies on the planet of Thedas turn up. Inquisition brought us closer to the Friends of the Red Jenny – many thanks to the visibility of Sera – that are a secret culture expanded throughout Thedas that start out versus authority numbers approximately recognize excellent, or are probably abusing their power. 

Dragon Age 4

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Being a Friend of Red Jenny would absolutely fit with the suggestion Weekes teased – besides, if the “people in charge aren’t willing to address the issues,” the Friends of Red Jenny surely are. Likewise, the Anitvan Crows are another group that could fit the same bill. As an order of assassins in Thedas, you certainly wouldn’t see them coming, and with concept art appearing to feature the Crows, they’ll likely factor into the story in some way

The Tevinter Slave 

Dragon Age Absolution

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BioWare officially confirmed that we’ll be going to Minrathos, the capital of Tevinter, in Dreadwolf. The topic of slavery in Tevinter has been touched upon throughout the Dragon Age games, and even factors heavily into the plot of the recent Dragon Age: Absolution animated series. As a codex entry in Dragon Age 2 reads: “the greatest consumer of slave labor is the Tevinter Imperium, which would surely crumble if not for the endless supply of slaves from all over the continent. There, they are meat, chattel. They are beaten, used as fodder in the endless war against the Qunari, and even serve as components in dark magic rituals.” 

As someone who is without power, a slave could certainly make for a very interesting origin and offer us an entirely new perspective on Thedas… And if we’re headed to Tevinter, it would make a lot of sense. Plus, it could make for an effective way to establish a character we’re then free to develop and customize as we progress. 

Tevinter Nights  

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

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In the book Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights, which is made up of a series of short stories, there’s one tale in particular that’s worth paying some attention to: “The Dread Wolf Take You” by Patrick Weekes. The story follows Charter, an elven spy who features in Inquisition as part of Leilana’s network. Charter has a clandestine meeting with four figures who all have a “common passion in the wolf.” None of the figures are named, but each is referred to in relation to the group they are associated with: The Carta Assassin, The Orlesian Bard, The Mortalitasi, and The Executor. There are theories that these could be factions we could choose from or be linked to, but I think it could also hint at some of our future party members. The short story certainly offers a lot of food for thought. 

For now, all we can do is speculate, but there’s certainly already a lot out there to unpack and theorize about. In my heart of hearts, I would love to see Dreadwolf adopt the Origins-style opening and bring factions into the fold. I mean, Maker’s Breath, just imagine it. Choosing a group that determines how and where your story begins? And even maybe alters or influences what options and choices become available to you? Yes please. Whatever route Dreadwolf takes, I have every hope that we’ll be able to customize our character however we wish. It’s already been so exciting to see what ideas the community has come up with, and you better believe I’ll be praying to Andraste that we get a closer look at character creation whenever BioWare is ready to show off more. 

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