How many occasions are you able to watch this superior Civilization 6 launch trailer whereas it pre-loads? Let’s discover out

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Civilization 6 is sort of right here. Prepare your self by beginning the obtain and weeping over the magnificence of human achievement.

Civilization is a sport about dropping nuclear bombs earlier than anybody else can do it, and human beings are garbage monstrosities destroying the planet’s capability to maintain our type of life in a bid to hoard sources and luxuries with completely zero actual which means.

The Civilization 6 launch trailer, however, is a tear-jerking, inspiring, heart-wrenching meditation on humanity at its greatest. It virtually makes me eager to strive for a cultural victo- oh, bloody hell: Ghandi has invented tanks. Never thoughts, again to spamming infantry.

Civilization 6 releases on October 21 and you probably have pre-ordered by Steam you may start pre-loading now.

By the way in which, in the event you’re in search of some Civ 6 motion within the meantime 2K is internet hosting an AI battle on Twitch from 3:30pm ET Wednesday.

Eight AI Civs will go at it in your leisure: Aztecs, Brazil, England, Greece (Gorgo), Japan, Rome, Russia and Spain. Cheer in your favorite and make notes on the techniques and methods of the extra profitable factions.