Hogwarts Legacy Gamers Outraged as Update Prevents Use of Unforgivable Curses in Challenging Boss Battle

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Hogwarts Legacy gamers are lower than happy after discovering the most recent patch stops them from utilizing unforgivable curses when battling a difficult boss.

One of probably the most attractive facets of Hogwarts Legacy is the liberty to be no matter sort of witch or wizard you want, whether or not that is somebody who makes use of magic for good or resorts to casting sinister and harmful spells to win a battle. It seems that loads of gamers have been drawn to the Dark Arts when confronting Cassandra Mason, and used unforgivable curses like Avada Kedavra for a swift and straightforward victory, however to their dismay, this method is now not doable.

The change was noticed by person CrimeBeMyJam who shared their discovery on the Hogwarts Legacy subreddit. “They’ve patched it so you can’t use unforgivable in a certain boss-fight,” they wrote, including “I’m so sad.”

They’ve patched it so you can’t use unforgivables in a certain boss-fight from r/HarryPotterGame

Other Hogwarts Legacy followers are equally as sad about having to face this formidable foe with out the help of unforgivable curses. One commented: “But using Crucio on her was SO SATISFYING.” Another wrote: “That is absolute BS. What’s the point of putting the unforgivables in the game to only use them against low level threats. I find it wasteful to use it on goblins or mongrels. I like to save it as a last resort against harder bosses.”

The restriction got here as fairly a shock for gamers, as developer Avalanche Software does not point out it within the patch notes (opens in new tab) for the most recent Hogwarts Legacy replace. Yet it does say it is resolved a problem the place the game would crash if the participant used Avada Kedavra on Cassandra initially of the battle, so maybe it was unintentionally performed when fixing that challenge, or possibly the developer determined that resorting to underhanded techniques spoiled what’s in any other case a difficult encounter.

Still, not all gamers are sad about having to face off towards Cassandra utilizing permitted magic solely. “Tbh when I learned the spell I didn’t expect to insta kill bosses, for me that was op,” wrote one Hogwarts Legacy fan. Another replied: “I rarely used unforgivables anyway.”

It’s additionally price noting that you could be play by way of the whole lot of Hogwarts Legacy and by no means encounter Cassandra Mason as she’s a part of the Minding Your Own Business facet quest, which is a PlayStation unique. So in the event you personal the game on one other platform, you needn’t fear about difficult her to a good battle.

The launch of Hogwarts Legacy has been the topic of criticism and debate as a result of J.Ok. Rowling’s public stance on gender identification, which continues to problem the inclusivity on the coronary heart of the Harry Potter neighborhood. Here is our explainer on the Hogwarts Legacy controversy.


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