Hitman’s greatest ranges have been designed to be “Swiss Cheese”, which is able to all make sense in context

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Hitman takes inspiration from meals.


Hitman has gained a whole lot of reward over the course of its first season, with many longterm followers hailing a return to kind for the sandbox collection after Hitman: Absolution went off the rails a bit.

Most of its environments have been properly obtained, however the Sapienza episode specifically is very regarded. In an enchanting making-of function on PC Gamer, Hitman artistic director Christian Elverdam mentioned one of many ranges strengths is an emphasis on “Swiss Cheese design”.

“We used this feeling that we built a volume filled with connections, and these connections mean that you will never get lost,” he mentioned.

“You don’t have to backtrack necessarily, if you don’t want to.”

So the setting is riddled with tunnels in all instructions, like a lump of Swiss cheese, see? Many if not all of Hitman’s ranges embrace this design strategy to a point, and it allowed IO Interactive to reuse the settings for bonus episodes, escalations and time-limited elusive targets – despite the fact that the workforce doesn’t think about these prospects when it builds the preliminary missions.

“Elusive Targets are not thought of as part of how we build the levels,” Elverdam mentioned, “Because the complexity of the sandbox really should dictate that if we build a swiss cheese from the get go, and on an organic level where you can move around, then there should be room for an Elusive Target.”

Elverdam mentioned the workforce liable for elusive targets makes use of Hitman participant metrics, within the type of heatmaps, to see which areas of a sandbox are being under-used, and plans accordingly – therefore the backyard occasion in Paris, for instance.

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