Hitman 3’s brand-new pirate map has a Monkey Island Easter egg

a brown-skinned woman looking stern, wearing a yellow bandanna on her head and a camouflage denim jacket with cutoff sleeves, in Hitman 3’s Ambrose Island location

Image: IO Interactive

Monkey Island’s long-awaited sequel is established for launch later on this year, yet Agent 47 and also the Hitman collection are commemorating its return a little very early with a brand-new Easter egg. In Hitman 3’s latest map, Pirate Island, gamers can locate a scheming nod to the collection concealed in the atmosphere, in addition to a challenge deserving of an experiencegame

The Easter egg rests on the western coastline of the island in a little cove with a marker inside. An engraving on the rock checks out “G. Threepwood, Mighty Pirate,” with a head and also crossbones. This is a recommendation to Monkey’ Island collection’ lead character Guybrush Threepwood, that has actually starred in the LucasArts experience games because the extremely initial entrance back in 1990.

While this by itself is currently a wonderful nod to among video gaming’s biggest pirates, IO Interactive does not quit there. Instead, it ends up, there’s likewise a cool little problem that matches Monkey Island’s experience game mold and mildew.

To fix this problem, gamers will certainly need to light 4 braziers around the island. There’s one beside Threepwood’s tomb, which must hint gamers in to the tricky problem’s presence. Another lantern can be located in the verdant location past the rope bridge, an additional remains in the damaged ft, and also another gets on top of the high cliff past the satellite control location.

After all the lanterns are lit, locate a shovel, head back to Threepwood’s tomb and also begin excavating. After a little bit, Agent 47 will certainly bring up a breast of pirate booty.


Source: Polygon


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