Hey, There’s New Stuff In The Store!

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Hey, we’re adding some stuff to the store today! We’ve got a new hat and hoodie up for pre-order and a poster up for regular sale. The pre-order items will be up for sale for a week or so, at which point we’ll stop taking pre-orders and start printing everything. It’ll probably take around a month for the pre-order items to get in your hands. Sorry for the inconvenience, but pre-orders let us ameliorate the risk of printing too many items and having them sit around in our warehouse! Once these pre-orders are completed, we’ll add the hoodie and hat to the store for regular orders in limited quantities. Supply chains are complicated!

Here’s what’s on the docket:

Giant Bomb Glow In The Dark Hoodie: We took a design that Fobwashed cooked up last year and slapped it on the back of a black zippered hoodie. It glows in the dark! As with most glow-in-the-dark inks, you’ll need to expose this to bright light before taking it into a dark room to see the effect. It’s not going to blind anyone, but it’s still kinda neat!

Retro Hat: This stylish New Era fitted cap is emblazoned with the old-school Giant Bomb logo that’s been featured on a few other items that we’ve sold in the past. But now you can put it on your head! This is available in three sizes, so take a look at the sizing chart in the store and pick the one that’s right for you.

Giant Bomb East Poster: From community member Samuel Soto-Saines, this 20” x 30” poster is well-suited for any flat surface capable of having something taped to it. The wall of your bedroom? The Lincoln Memorial? The hideous face of C’thulhu, He Who Sleeps Beneath The Waves? Be bold in applying this glossy print to any surface you like, but take care not to anger park rangers or gigantic soul-shattering monsters.

I’ve heard plenty of people asking about a 2016 member’s shirt, and we’re working on it! Getting the items above ready for the store took longer than I expected, but the member’s shirt is next on my list of stuff to get going, and we have some fun ideas for it. Look for it soon(ish)!

As always, if you have any questions about merchandise, feel free to ask me in the comments, private message, or via support at giantbomb.com. If you have specific questions about an order (e.g. you ordered the wrong size, you received an incorrect item, something arrived broken or busted), email orders at socialimprints.com for help, but feel free to CC in the support email above if you want to loop me in on the problem. Otherwise, stay cool and say hi to your mom for me!