Hestu’s Voice Addresses the Suffering of Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom: “I Witness Your Transgressions

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As The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gamers continue to torture hapless Koroks, the voice of Korok movie director Hestu from Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity has actually tipped up to officially disavow this vicious as well as uncommon penalty. 

“Voice of Hestu here,” VA Cristina Vee Valenzuela tweeted ominously. “I see your sins against Koroks.”

In a reply, Valenzuela confessed that also she has mistakenly dedicated criminal activities versus Koroks: “To be fair, I made my Korok buddy a horse-drawn carriage to take him to his friend, but I ended up running into some fire fruit, blew up the carriage and set the horse on fire. Traumatizing.” 

Several Zelda followers fasted to suggest that the Koroks in some way made this Geneva Convention-breaking treatment, however Valenzuela was having none of it. 

“They deserved it for making us find 900 of them in [Breath of the Wild],” responded one gamer. Quite honestly, they contend the very least obtained a leg to depend on, due to the fact that the Zelda devs have fooled us again with the Korok Seed reward in Tears of the Kingdom. 

“No inventory space for you,” Valenzuela fired back. 

“This is on you for giving us golden poop in [Breath of the Wild],” states one more.

“So ungrateful,” Valenzuela stated. 

The excellent information, I expect, is that some gamers have hurt Koroks so hard that they’re lastly obtaining tired of it. So rather than disputing the civil liberties of cabbage spirits, they’ve relocated onto the great Signpost Guy debate: should he harassed or shielded?

In justness, Korok torment hasn’t practically asserted any kind of lives, as well as it has brought Hyrule significant advancements in the field of space travel


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