Give Ben Barnes his rom-com currently!

Ben Barnes has some big scars on his face and wears a hood in Shadow and Bone.

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Tall, dark, and also good-looking Ben Barnes is familiar with duties that press him to take advantage of the much deeper components of his subconscious. Since bursting out in The Chronicles of Narnia, the British star has actually played lots of bad guys — from Billy Russo in The Punisher to Logan in Westworld. As the villainous shadow manipulator General Kirigan in Netflix’s Shadow and Bone, Barnes is thousands of fan castings come to life. Somehow, he ended up being the best selection for any kind of function needing a particular degree of dark and also brooding.

But although he maintains obtaining typecast as the smoldering baddie, Barnes isn’t rather certain why.

“I keep asking my agents, I just want to do a rom-com,” laments Barnes. “And then they’re like, Haven’t got a rom-com, but found this psychopath who’s killing a lot of young people!”

Ben Barnes as Billy Russo in Marvel’s The Punisher on Netflix

Marvel’s The Punisher
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Despite being good-looking, enchanting, and also having fantastic on-screen chemistry with his fellow actors participants (specifically Shadow and Bone co-star Jessie Mei Li, with whom he took a deliciously complex romance back in season 1), Barnes’ occupation has actually been rather bereft of absolutely charming duties. Sure, he starred contrary Katherine Heigl in restricted launch charming dramatization Jackie & Ryan, and also played a sustaining function in the Robert De Niro and also Diane Keaton x-rated funny The Big Wedding (which has a 7% on Rotten Tomatoes, so probably not the best showcase for Barnes’ acting chops). But a whole lot of Barnes’ huge duties have actually been, in his words, “these sorts of manipulative, rageful, venomous… or just kind of douchey characters.”

But also when handed these baddies, Barnes can’t aid however dig in and also attempt to complicate their point of views and also provide some even more deepness. Part of that originates from something he’s recognized from over twenty years in the market.

a behind the scenes shot of Ben Barnes and Jessie Mei Li, both of them in costume and giggling

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“Who you are as a person will always seep through in the tiniest ways,” clarifies Barnes. “They’re all extremely barged in their very own means. None of the personalities I’ve played have great partnerships with their moms and dads. Even though it’s a sensational cosmos with magic and also rubbish, you can actually sort of dig and also attempt to rely on the damaged fact of any kind of personality, also if they’re the villain. Even if they’re not the one you’re favoring.

“But,” he includes, “it would be nice to play someone you’re rooting for next, to be honest.”

And why shouldn’t he? Clearly, Barnes understands his means around a charming function, and also evaluating by the success of Shadow and also Bone, the followers will certainly turn up for him. Give Ben Barnes his charming funny minute! He should have to be a personality we’re favoring and also to have a large kiss minute in the rainfall, as opposed to a poisonous bad guy outlining to murder entire towns to obtain what he desires. Barnes has actually made it clear what he desires, which is, as Li places it, resting alongside him and also patting his hand, “A nice rom-com in a nice cardigan.”

“A nice rom-com in a nice cardie!” Barnes proclaims.

The 2nd period of Shadow and also Bone hits Netflix on March 16.


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