Gears of War four Run the Jewels Air Drop DLC makes EL-P and Killer Mike playable

EL-P and Killer Mike of Run the Jewels be a part of the solid of Gears of War four.

There’s a brand new Gears of War 4 premium DLC pack out now, though for some motive Microsoft is looking these packs “Air Drops”.

The Run the Jewels pack – sorry, “air drop” – provides two new playable characters: EL-P and Killer Mike of the titular hip hop duo. They’re the primary recording artists to function in Gears of War.

As properly as the 2 new characters, Run the Jewels contains 18 themed weapon skins, emblems and bounties to be used in Gears of War four’s Horde and multiplayer modes.

Check it out on PC or Xbox One; since Gears of War four is a play wherever title, purchases presumably carry over between the 2 platforms.