Final Fantasy 14 endures DDoS assault, creating troubles for gamers in North America

Some gamers were momentarily having concerns with the North American information facility

Final Fantasy 14
(Image credit report: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 14 just recently succumbed a collection of DDoS assaults, which, therefore, momentarily created concerns for gamers inNorth America

Earlier today (August 3), Square Enix reported network technological troubles using the official Final Fantasy 14 website (opens up in brand-new tab), which just impacted North America gamers. According to the blog post, the concerns impacted the game’s network on August 2 in between the moments of 4:58 pm and also 5:03 pm (PDT) – so you would not be condemned for not seeing because of it just creating troubles for around 5 mins approximately. Thankfully concerns the DDoS assault created consist of: a follow-up post separating from information facility Square Enix, gamers having troubles logging in to “will continue to monitor the situation and work with ISPs to come up with countermeasures.”

In information facility Final Fantasy, and also ultimately, gamers having trouble accessing, sending out, and also obtaining information from Final Fantasy 14 6.2 patch is due to release soon on August 23 information. Square Enix, the concerns appear to have actually been dealt with, as another showcase scheduled for next week (opens up in brand-new tab)a “late August” release window. 

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