Experienced Armored Core 6 Player Begins NG+ in Style, Leveraging Dual Flight Sim Controllers to Take on the Ultimate Challenge

Armored Core 6 Zimmerman shotguns
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Someone’s having fun Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon with 2 trip controllers, getting a long-held practice of whacky controllers with FromSoftware’s collection.

Yesterday, on September 7, an Armored Core 6 gamer required to the game’s subreddit to ask everybody if they were a “psychopath.” It’s a quite packed concern, as well as permanently factor: they were playing the brand-new game with 2 Gladiator NXT controllers, which are usually utilized to play games like Microsoft Flight Simulator.

New Game+ With Twin Sticks, am I a psychopath? from r/armoredcore

“I’m living my best Gundam life with this setup!” creates the individual, on the blog post that has almost 1,000 upvotes on the subreddit. The individual discusses that the left controller is established for left-hand as well as shoulder tools as well as motion, while the best controller is established for the matching tools beyond of the mech as well as cam motion.

The dive switch is extremely bound to the “pinky” switch on the best controller, as well as repair service sets, “decision making,” as well as attack increases are likewise bound to the very same controller. We’ve no concept just how the gamer has actually taken care of to accustom themselves to making use of a controller with such a hectic game like Armored Core 6, however in some way they have actually drew it off. 

We’ve done some excavating, as well as it ends up this gamer isn’t alone with whacky controllers. The Armored Core 6 gamer simply listed below exposes Capcom’s memorable Steel Battalion controller, among the wildest controllers ever before developed when it was launched completely back in 2002, can really be utilized to play Armored Core 6.

The controller has 2 joysticks as well as 3 foot pedals hidden below the workdesk. It likewise flaunts a downright unreasonable variety of switches as well as activates the major user interface, as well as there’s also an eject switch on the right-hand side of the bloody enormous controller.

The Steel Battalion controller has actually come to be right stuff of tale over the previous 20 years. It could’ve just initially dealt with the Steel Battalion game as well as its follow up, however it’s come to be the divine grail of game controllers for mech games, thus why we’re currently seeing it utilized with Armored Core 6. It’s great to understand some practices aren’t passing away. 

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