Everything that may go mistaken in Dishonored 2, and the few that aren’t the sport’s fault

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Everything you need to pay attention to whereas taking part in Dishonored 2, and explanations for why some issues usually are not behaving the best way you assume they need to.


With Dishonored 2 now within the palms of gamers, we’re beginning to see increasingly questions on some perceived points that finish being simply by design. Some of those questions are professional, nonetheless, particularly in relation to technical points.

To make all the pieces clear, a Bethesda neighborhood supervisor put together a list of essentially the most generally reported points. The submit is large, and consists of particulars on technical issues in addition to gameplay quirks that is probably not clear in-game. Some of those may be thought of spoilers, so we’re going to mark the listing that features them.


-I uninstalled the sport, re-installed it later with out updating, and now all my saves are corrupt!

RESOLUTION: Your saves have been most definitely made with a patched model of the sport and can due to this fact present up as “corrupt” on the non-updated model. Updating the title to the most recent model ought to resolve the problem.

-I waited by the set up messaging and it reached 100%, however one other set up message got here up and made me wait even longer.

RESOLUTION: The in-game set up messaging reveals an set up proportion for the precise part you are attempting to entry, not the general sport set up. You may have to see this display a number of instances in case you are taking part in throughout a streaming set up.

-I’m not in a position to decide on between Latin American Spanish and Castilian Spanish on Steam

RESOLUTION: The title lets you select between Latin American and Castilian Spanish within the Options > Audio menu. Choosing Spanish on Steam will obtain each units of Spanish recordsdata.


-All my positioned Stun Mines and Springrazors disappeared.

RESOLUTION: If a cutscene is began close to positioned Stun Mines or Springrazors, they are going to be deactivated. These may be picked up earlier than triggering the cutscene and returned to your stock.

-My Mana is regenerating very slowly after utilizing an Addermire Solution (Mana Potion).

RESOLUTION: Check the problem setting to see whether it is set to Very Hard. This is a change within the Very Hard issue to make the sport tougher. Lowering the problem will velocity up the Mana Regeneration price.

-I stop the sport after choosing a personality, however I don’t have any saves in the principle menu.

RESOLUTION: The sport doesn’t make an precise save till you get full management of the character. Quitting out through the tutorial, the opening lower scenes, the character choice display, or earlier than you first acquire management will pressure you to start out a brand new sport and select a personality once more.

-I’ve a deadly kill listed in my stats despite the fact that I didn’t straight kill anybody.

RESOLUTION: When panicked or startled, NPCs might stagger and fall or journey over objects whereas fleeing, ensuing of their loss of life. If potential, reload an earlier save and attempt to keep away from permitting them to both turn out to be alerted to your presence, or take them down non-lethally earlier than they’ve an opportunity to run away.

-When I zoom in with the Spyglass, auto-aim doesn’t seem to operate.

RESOLUTION: This is finished deliberately. If you want to use auto-aim, you will have to not use Spyglass.

-How can I see what Vanity Items I’ve unlocked?

RESOLUTION: The Vanity Items collected throughout a playthrough will probably be seen in your cabin aboard the Dreadful Wale.

-I can’t attain all areas of a map when selecting No Powers.

RESOLUTION: It is just not potential for you to have the ability to attain all areas of the map when refusing powers.

-I attempted to toss a guard by a Wall of Light, however he was killed.

RESOLUTION: Unconscious enemies usually are not in a position to move by a Wall of Light. Authorised enemies are solely in a position to move by when aware.

-My arms are lacking after I load a save.

RESOLUTION: There is an opportunity that making a save within the water and loading that save could cause your character not have arms. This can forestall you from utilizing powers and weapons. Reloading any save will return your character’s arms.

-The tutorial in Edge of the World lists “possess a rat and find a small passage” as a approach to bypass the Wall of Light for Emily.

RESOLUTION: The Possession Power is unique to Corvo, however in case you are taking part in as Emily, you’ll be able to improve Shadow Walk to permit passage by rat tunnels.

-Hostile NPCs in Dust District are alerted once I enter hostile territory even when I’m not seen.

RESOLUTION: While it seems as in case you have alerted the guards, an alert has not truly been registered. You can nonetheless enter these areas and stay undetected.


-I can’t swing my sword when attempting to Blink.

RESOLUTION: If you may have the Redirective Blink improve, you can be unable to swing the sword when aiming it. You are in a position to swing the sword when attempting to purpose the non-upgraded Blink energy.

I can’t hyperlink an enemy with Domino

RESOLUTION: This could also be as a result of being out of Mana. You will solely obtain audio suggestions indicating this. Obtaining and utilizing an Addermire Solution (Mana Potion) ought to permit you to hyperlink one other enemy with Domino.

My Domino chain retains breaking

RESOLUTION: This could also be as a result of enemies shifting too distant from one another. Once a single enemy strikes distant from the remainder of the enemies, the whole chain will probably be damaged.

Spoilers past this level.

-Saving the Journalist within the Dunwall Courier counts as being noticed.

RESOLUTION: If you’re actively attempting to get a ghost/no detection run, you’ll have to keep away from saving the Journalist. The achievements/trophies for saving the Journalist and going by the sport full stealth must be gained on separate playthroughs of the sport.

-Clicking the immediate to speak to Hamilton in Addermire doesn’t do something.

RESOLUTION: This concern will happen in case you fail the non-obligatory goal to speak to Hamilton after which strategy him. The immediate will probably be current however no VO will probably be performed. Load an earlier save when the target is just not failed to have the ability to discuss to Hamilton.

-I made the Counter-Serum, however I solely have prompts to do deadly and non-lethal takedowns on Hypatia.

RESOLUTION: Once you may have the Counter-Serum, performing a non-lethal takedown on Hypatia will utilise the Counter-Serum.

-The particular motion “The Counter-Serum” appeared despite the fact that I killed Hypatia/Grim Alex.

RESOLUTION: “The Counter-Serum” particular motion is awarded to you for making the antidote, not for curing Hypatia.

-I’m in a non-English language and the laboratory module controls within the Clockwork Mansion usually are not translated.

RESOLUTION: If you’re taking part in in a non-English language and hover over one of many buttons, a localised identify for every module will probably be displayed.

-The Special Action “Ghost Between the Cogs” didn’t unlock once I obtained to Jindosh undetected in Clockwork Mansion.

RESOLUTION: This will occur in case you are noticed at any level within the sport earlier than reaching Jindosh in Clockwork Mansion. You must go utterly undetected within the sport up by this level if you wish to unlock this at the moment. Note that this isn’t tied to the Achievement/Trophy for attending to Jindosh unalerted whereas within the mansion itself.

-I’m lacking two Bonecharms Royal Conservatory, and they don’t seem when utilizing the guts.

RESOLUTION: Breanna Ashworth has two Bonecharms on her that may be looted. In some conditions, corresponding to in case you use Shadow Kill on her, the Bonecharms can turn out to be unobtainable.

-I obtained the Heartbeat Reaper achievement/trophy once I activated the Oraculum within the Royal Conservatory.

RESOLUTION: The achievement/trophy Heartbeat Reaper requires you to get rid of 6 enemies in 1.5 seconds. Using the Oraculum with the corrupt lenses will get rid of all of the witches within the Conservatory, due to this fact assembly the necessities for the achievement/trophy and unlocking it.

-I can’t get by the opening within the basement of Stilton’s Mansion to enter the flooded space.

RESOLUTION: The gap is definitely too small so that you can match by. Returning to the current will permit you to enter the blocked off space.

-Meagan continues to be lacking and arm and eye if I kill Stilton up to now.

RESOLUTION: In order to have Meagan not lose any limbs, it’s essential to cease Stilton however hold him alive. Load an earlier save earlier than neutralising Stilton and knock him out as a substitute of killing him.

-I attempted to climb onto a rock by the skiff on the finish of Grand Palace and obtained caught.

RESOLUTION: This can occur on this location in case you mantle the rock at a sure angle. You must both try and Blink/Far Reach out, and in case you can’t, you’ll have to reload an earlier save.

-The finish degree stats display lists two Outsider Shrines on Edge of the World, however I solely have one.

RESOLUTION: This stat additionally consists of the Outsider Shrine throughout “A Strange Visit”. If you selected to reject powers from the skin, you can be unable to get a full 2/2 Outsider Shrines.

-The Duke is just not killed when he units off a re-wired Alarm.

RESOLUTION: This is a identified concern. The Duke will should be eradicated in another vogue.

-There is not any immediate to make use of the Monkey Wrench Combo assault on a Clockwork Soldier.

RESOLUTION: The Monkey Wrench Combo assault features the identical as a daily takedown, so you’ll solely see a immediate when in stealth and undetected.


-I obtained the Ancient Howling Bolt Masterwork blueprint however I can’t use it but.

RESOLUTION: The Ancient Howling Bolt Masterwork first requires you to search out and buy the Pyro-sonic Casing for the common Howling bolt within the Clockwork Mansion degree. If missed there, it may also be discovered within the Royal Conservatory degree.

-I’ve the Reflex Enhancements improve, however can’t block stones thrown by enemies.

RESOLUTION: The Reflex Enhancements improve helps you to solely deflect bolts and bullets.


-I’ve the Lucky Needle Bonecharm, however I by no means get sleep darts again from headshots.

RESOLUTION: Sleepdarts to the top are by no means in a position to be recovered. The Lucky Needle Bonecharm will enhance sleepdart restoration from non-headshots.

-My Doppelgangers usually are not being healed with the Life Bond Bonecharm.

RESOLUTION: Standard Doppelgangers solely have 1 HP. You might want to have the Deadly Shade Doppelganger improve to utilise the Life Bond Bonecharm.

If you’re after extra info, corresponding to particulars about particular missions, basic suggestions and extra, our guide is constantly getting updated. You ought to positively bookmark it.

Dishonored 2 is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One