Even if Andor’s Luthen had a lightsaber, that wouldn’t make him a Jedi

Luthen’s maybe-lightsaber being held up and examined as he is searched in Andor

Image: Disney Plus

Andor’s lighter on Easter eggs than any Star Wars sequel or spinoff has ever been, as well as doing not have that link to the Skywalker legend has actually left some followers understanding for surprise messages after every episode. The most recent instance of this is followers asking whether Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård), among the masterminds of the Rebellion, is a Jedi after a crucial minute in the 11th episode.

So we’re below to discuss where the concern originates from as well as do our ideal to provide a conclusive solution.

Is Luthen a Jedi?

No. This is an absurd concept improved nearly absolutely nothing, other than that he appears to have in his property something that appears like a lightsaber — as well as we can’t also make sure yet that’s what it is. (If it was, why would certainly Luthen require to take Two Tubes’ gun to safeguard himself in his conflict with Saw?) More than simply Jedi can lug lightsabers, particularly just a couple of years after a Jedi carnage. Luthen is an antiquarians, so the suggestion of him having some uncommon, borderline immoral tool is really quite reasonable. In truth, his ship also has tools that aren’t that various from lightsabers currently, as well as we’ve never ever seen a Jedi ship do that previously.

Even if he was a previous Jedi, exactly how could he hide on Coruscant? You believe the Empire pursued every Jedi it could throughout the whole galaxy as well as missed out on the eccentric 70-year-old that lugs a lightsaber as well as resides in their yard? It’s unsubstantiated, at ideal.

But wouldn’t it be trendy if he was a Jedi?

Absolutely not. Part of Andor’s achievement is that it doesn’t entail any one of the tentpole Star Wars subjects, while still being deeply regarding the collection’ structure of Rebellion versus oppression. It’s thematically crucial to the program that the Jedi remain away from the Rebellion. Luke might conserve the day in the long run, however Andor has to do with the foundation that developed that finishing as well as the many lives it required to arrive.

Easter eggs are frequently an enjoyable component of the limitless maze of franchise business as well as cosmos that has actually controlled that last 15 years of pop culture. But the hopeless demand for everything to connect and for circles to loop neatly back into themselves doesn’t obtain you excellent narration or purposeful art; it obtains you a catastrophe like The Rise of Skywalker.

So if there’s any type of justice in deep space, Luthen will certainly maintain as much from the Jedi as he potentially can, as well as no person on Andor will certainly ever before also believe words Skywalker.


Source: Polygon

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