Elden Ring is the Ultimate Game of the Year at the 2022 Golden Joystick Awards

Elden Ring has won the Ultimate Game of the Year Award at this year’s Golden Joysticks – and also, allow’s encounter it, are you amazed?

2022 has actually basically been controlled by FromSoftware’s newest title, with Elden Ring taking the workshop’s difficult gameplay formula to an open-world setup for the very first time. 

This is Elden Ring’s 4th honor win of the night at this year’s Golden Joystick Awards, with the title likewise taking residence the gongs for Best Visual Design, Best Multiplayer Game, and also Critics’ Choice.

The complete checklist of candidates for this year’s Ultimate Game of the Year honor was as complies with:

In our Elden Ring review from Joel Franey, we can think just how much it was ” both a refinement and evolution of the Dark Souls formula, presenting an expansive world that’s as hostile as it is inviting”, prior to confessing that “suffering has never been as much fun”. 

“When Elden Ring hits the rails, the momentum carries it forward and refuses to slow down. My peaks of rage at being stomped on by towering titans never stopped being fun despite that, with that very particular form of masochistic joy you get from wrestling with FromSoftware games. It might not be as groundbreaking as its inspirations, but taken on its own terms, Elden Ring might be the best of its brethren – and that’s something I’m still struggling to believe has actually happened.”

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Source: gamesradar.com

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