Disney Illusion Island is a brand new four-player platformer being available in 2023 


Disney's Illusion Island logo
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A new Mickey Mouse journey gets on the means specifically to Nintendo Switch:Disney Illusion Island

Announced at the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase, D23, Disney Illusion Island allows you join approximately 3 chums to sign up with Mickey as well as pals– Minnie, Donald, as well as Goofy– on a brand-new 2D “cooperative adventure platformer”.

With the very same striking design as the Mickey Mouse Shorts computer animations, below’s the game at work:

“Join Mickey & Friends on a quest to save a mysterious world from disaster!” teases the game’s summary on You Tube. “In this brand-new 1-4 player cooperative adventure platformer, you’ll navigate as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy through a beautifully hand-crafted world as you run, swim, swing, and jump to recover three magical books to save the world.”

In a meeting with IGN (opens up in brand-new tab) concerning the brand-new title, Disney VP of Disney, Pixar, as well as 20th Century Games Luigi Priore stated that whilst it had not been “exactly the same game” it was being created by Dlala once again, full with”the same characters”

“It didn’t work then, but the environment changed with Sean Shoptaw [Senior VP, Walt Disney Games] taking over, with us bringing in people like John Drake on the business development side… we already knew [Dlala CEO] AJ [Grand-Scrutton] and the team at Dlala and we knew they could do great work, so we wanted to start a project and work with them to create this new game.”

In various other information fresh from D23, the heavily-rumored Iron Man game might not have actually made a look, however sector expert Jeff Grubb believes it’s still en route.

“This is the other game I was talking about when we went over the Black Panther stuff,” he tweeted as soon as the display was done. “You shouldn’t have to wait much longer to hear about it, but you will have to wait to play it. Although it’s coming before Black Panther.

“Motive is doing Iron Man after Dead Space [remake],” he included a subsequent< period course=" sr-only"> (opens in new tab) tweet. ” A group of previous Shadow of Mordor devs will certainly make Black Panther.”

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