Developers of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom experience deja vu as the follow up carefully appears like Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
(Image credit report: Nintendo)

The programmers working with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom “experienced strong deja vu” whilst establishing the follow up as a result of its resemblances to Breath of the Wild. 

In an authorities Nintendo (opens up in brand-new tab) meeting, manufacturer Eiji Aonuma, supervisor Hidemaro Fujibayashi, and also developer Satoru Takizawa talked about the resemblances in between Tears of the Kingdom and also its precursor Breath of the Wild. “The word ‘déjà vu’ cropped up many times during development,” Aonuma discusses, “we were supposed to be making something different, but the various things we made gave off a similar impression to what we’d done previously.”

“But as development went on, we’d look at the game as a whole and sometimes discover that those things suddenly took a different shape because of the new elements we’d added,” the manufacturer proceeds, “until then, we were anxiously trying to change things up, but at some point, we realized that some of them were already as they should be.”

Surprisingly, thinking about the void in between both games, Fujibayashi includes: “There were many instances, even later on in development, where we struggled to differentiate the two.” The designer proceeds, “It was a constant and difficult process where we and the development team continued to mull over and discuss until we all came to an agreement.”

Reiterating Aonuma’s factor regarding familiarity, Takizawa includes: “We often experienced strong déjà vu, particularly in the early stages, and we thought it was imperative to transform how the game felt as much as we could. We worked hard with that thought in mind, but once we got to a certain point in development, we were able to identify areas that would lose their appeal if we changed them.”

This meeting is really composed of several components and also attributes various other principals in the upcoming game’s growth, consisting of Takahiro Okuda and also Hajime Wakai, that likewise expose some intriguing behind the curtain understandings consisting of that Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom doesn’t require you to play Breath of the Wild first – regardless of it being a follow up to the abovementioned game. 

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