Destiny: Rise of Iron’s Festival of the Lost consumables, emotes, sparrow and extra come to gentle

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More data on what to anticipate from this yr’s Festival of the Lost in Destiny: Rise of Iron has come to gentle.

Thanks to beautiful dataminers persevering with to burn the midnight oil, we now have extra data on Consumables, Emotes, Ghost, Shaders, the Sparrow, modifications and quests.

The first bit of knowledge came out yesterday regarding festival masks earlier than Bungie supplied a bit of knowledge on new ornaments attributable to changes made in the update 2.41 to Bad Juju, Thorn, Red Death, The Last Word and Black Spindle.

Consumables anticipated in Festival of the Lost comprise, however aren’t restricted to: Bad Dream, Strokes of Midnight, Whim or Rahool and Treasures of the Lost.

Emotes are Howl and Terrify, there’s the Deviled Ghost, Candlelight and Sea of Tears Shaders, and the S-53 Jealousy Sparrow.

Mods are Dragonsbane and Hoodoom, whereas Quests embrace A Brilliant Idea, Lethal Masquerade, Team Effort and Triumphant Return.

Folks on the Destiny subreddit have been tossing all the things collectively for you in a single useful listing, however if you want a visual breakdown, Arekkz is your man.

The whole listing of what’s stated to be confirmed and what’s not could be discovered via the subreddit hyperlink above.