Destiny gamers pull off superb dance routines in excellent sync, set to Michael Jackson’s music

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This Destiny clan celebrates Festival of the Lost higher than anybody else.

Now that Destiny‘s Festival of the Lost is live, we’re staring to see the masks, shaders, emotes, and different vainness gadgets you may solely get in the course of the occasion displayed by many gamers who received them.

But whereas some simply cease there, this specific Destiny group needed to make a tremendous manufacturing out of those distinctive in-game gadgets. In the video above, titled Saw Something Weird on the Moon, Husky Raid manages to create very elaborate and completely in-sync dance routines.

After one participant approaches the doorway to Crota’s End raid on the Moon, the remaining 5 gamers are revealed, Michael Jackson’s Thriller kicks in, and the primary one in all these elaborate dances begin. Then the participant watching participates and it easily transitions into the subsequent quantity, with Smooth Criminal this time.

There’s extra to it, as properly, they usually utilise the Taken Chromas and older emotes to higher impact.

You actually need to observe to see simply how masterfully it’s all been pulled off.