D&D motion picture bad guy disclosed and also, no, it’s not Vecna

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves‘ newest trailer went down on Monday, raising the shroud off the movie’s large bad guy. And while followers of Stranger Things or Critical Role may believe they have a boost on this, Chris Pine and also firm are not battling a lich called Vecna.

In a meeting released by IGN on Monday, co-directors John Francis Daley and also Jonathan Goldstein disclosed that the movie will certainly include the leader of the Red Wizards of Thay,Szass Tam Tam is additionally a lich– much like Vecna, the crook inStranger Things and Critical Role’s Vox Machina storyline But Tam has fairly a various tale, which turns up in a variety of books along with Forgotten Realms: Spellbound, a 2nd version project released in 1995.

In the tradition of D&D, a lich is a wizard that, with the dark arts of magic, has actually gone beyond temporal life to end up being an effective undead animal. According to the Forgotten Realms Wiki, Tam did the job by exterminating his coach and also utilizing his life’s job as a springboard, and after that associating a wicked team of evil-aligned magic customers called the Red Wizards of Thay, a team that additionally includes plainly in the D&D movie. He’s additionally an expert at increasing militaries– consisting of militaries of the undead– to attempt and also take control of locations of the worldly globe.

Of training course, please do not obtain these specific red-robed wizards perplexed with D&D’s various other red-robed wizards. Those girls and also gentlefolk called the Order of the Red Robes originated from the globe of Krynn– and also a completely various setup called Dragonlance.

Dungeons & & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is out in cinemas beginning March 31.


Source: Polygon


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