Criterion is having a 50% off sale on DVDs, 4K Blu-rays, as well as collections

A movie poster entitled “Destroy All Monsters” in which a brightly purple colored Godzilla takes on similarly colored monster adversaries.

Image: Sophie Campbell/Criterion

Criterion is organizing a big, one-day sale on every one of the movies that it has in supply, finishing Wednesday early morning on the U.S. eastern shore. Its Criterion Collection consists of DVDs, Blu-rays, as well as multi-disc collections of several of one of the most cherished as well as essential movies. If you’re a movie enthusiast, or you’re close to somebody that considers themselves to be one, this is a event that you’ll most likely intend to take a look at.

The Criterion Collection is large, as well as there are numerous movies are knotted right into this offer. It wouldn’t be an excellent solution to you to try to detail every one of the qualified motion pictures. There are simply a lot of excellent ones. So rather, I pestered my Polygon colleagues to inform me which ones they suggest.

Note: 4K UHD Blu-rays just operate in suitable Blu-ray gamers. The Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, as well as the PS5 can play these sort of discs, although according to Wirecutter, they each have imperfections that some standalone 4K UHD Blu-ray gamers do not display. Through their corresponding Blu-ray gamers, the Xbox Series X as well as One X can’t give Dolby Atmos audio, while the PS5 can’t do either Dolby Atmos audio or Dolby Vision HDR.

Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits

  • $62
  • $125
  • 51% off

Prices taken sometimes of posting.

The Red Shoes

  • $25
  • $50
  • 51% off

Prices taken sometimes of posting.


Source: Polygon

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