Can this JRPG from the Nintendo Direct truly revive tactical fantasy RPGs? I believe it has the potential to do so!

Unicorn Overlord food platter

(Image credit scores: Vanillaware)

The split in between open-world handling as well as (what appears like) grid- as well as turn-based fight is challenging to analyze at very first flush. My mind’s getting traces of Fire Emblem as well as Final Fantasy Tactics occasionally, yet the mix really feels fresh. There are aspects of siege war as well as settlement-building blended in, also, as well as I’m excavating the conversation-heavy tale minutes. This is a short very first appearance, yet it’s book Vanillaware benefits completely down, as well as I’m throughout it. 

Unicorn Overlord has actually been validated for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, PS5, as well as PS4, as well as it’s coming March 8, 2024. 

Another RPG standout from the Nintendo Direct: the spiritual follower to Suikoden is now due April 2024



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