Camila Cabello Talks Forthcoming Album ‘Familia’ & Single ‘Don’t Go Yet’ Appearing In ‘Just Dance 2022′

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Camila Cabello is gearing up to release her third solo studio album, Familia, but is treating fans to a fun surprise while waiting for the record’s release. “Don’t Go Yet” — Cabello’s lead single from Familia —  is now featured on Just Dance 2022, and the singer sat down with Billboard to discuss the track being a part of the wildly popular interactive dance game, as well as what to expect from her forthcoming album.

“I knew obviously when my collaborators and I wrote the song that it was such a party, good-time song but I didn’t realize until I played the game that I was like, ‘Oh, it’s so perfect for dancing with your friends,’ and made me want to play Just Dance,” she said.

Speaking about her inspirations for “Don’t Go Yet,” Cabello shared that she listened to a lot of Latin music in her youth and got some of her earliest dance lessons from watching television.

“Growing up my family listened to a lot of Latin music, so a lot of salsa, Celia Cruz’s ‘La vida es un carnava,’ a lot of Latin songs,” the 24-year-old explained. “My first memories of dancing were watching High School Musical and The Cheetah Girls and group ensemble moments trying to learn the dance. I remember trying to learn the Soulja Boy and the Dougie and it’s such a bonding thing for people to be able to dance together. It’s so connecting.”

Though Cabello has yet to provide fans with a release date for Familia, the singer did share what the album means to her: “This album to me means community, I guess the opposite of you on your own. It’s more you with other people land sharing in that joy and success, whatever that means. Interdependence realizing how important everybody is in your life. A lot of it is inspired by my relationships: My relationships to my family, my relationship to my friends, my relationship to my partner…it’s all about connections with other people, hence, Familia.”


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