Call of Duty MW2 pre-orders are now live – here’s where to buy

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MW2 pre-orders are now live

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
(Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty MW2 pre-orders are go, with retailers across the US and UK offering early access to both the standard Cross-Gen Bundle and the value-packed Vault Edition. We’re still waiting for some stores to take their stock live, but you’ll find plenty of availability across both sides of the pond right now, via a range of third party retailers and console sites. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC on October 28, 2022, but PlayStation owners can get access at least 5 days earlier thanks to the open beta if they pre-order. 

Quick Pre-orders

Pre-order MW2 on PS5: $69.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Pre-order MW2 on Xbox: $69.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

You’re still covered if you’re running a previous generation console, though unlike other games opting for a cheaper PS4 / Xbox One release, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 pre-orders all cost $69.99 / £64.99 at a minimum. The ‘Cross-Gen Bundle’ packages both generations’ versions of the game into one price, so no discounts here unfortunately.

While Steam (opens in new tab) has already launched Call of Duty MW2 pre-orders for PC players, you’ll be heading to either Amazon (opens in new tab) or Microsoft (opens in new tab) to secure your game in the US, and Game (opens in new tab) in the UK. More retailers are bound to jump into the mix soon, though, so we’ll be keeping this page stocked with all the latest launches.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II comes in either the Cross-Gen Bundle or the Vault Edition, a $99.99 / £99.99 pre-order offering up plenty of digital goodies to give you a head start. You’ll find all the latest MW2 pre-order offerings just below.

Call of Duty MW2 pre-order – Cross Gen Bundle

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Cross-Gen Bundle is the go-to for a standard pre-order. You’re getting the base game here, but PlayStation fans will also spot a little extra to sweeten the deal. Sony players will also be able to log on to MW2 a few days earlier, with access to the Open Beta due to run shortly before the October release date. 

Call of Duty MW2 pre-order – Vault Edition

The Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition packages day-one access to exclusive skins, weapon blueprints, and operators, as well as a Season One Battle Pass complete with 50 tier skips and the  FJX Cinder Weapon Vault (with more details to come later). 

Full bundle includes:

  • Ghost Legacy Pack
  • Red Team 141 Operator Pack
  • FJX Cinder Weapon Vault 
  • Season One Battle Pass + 50 Tier Skips

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