Burial and Blackdown Share New Split EP: Listen

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Shock Power of Love EP artwork

Burial and London-based producer Blackdown have reunited for a new split EP. Burial + Blackdown’s Shock Power of Love EP is released by Keysound Recordings and available via Boomkat, digitally and on 12″ vinyl. The 4-track record features two songs by each artist (Burial offers “Dark Gethsemane” and “Space Cadet,” while Blackdown contributes “This Journey VIP” and “Arklight”). Give it a listen below, and purchase the record here.

Burial and Blackdown last teamed up 15 years ago, when Burial remixed Blackdown’s “Crackle Blues” in 2006. 

Last year, Burial dropped his one-off single “Chemz.” Burial released the Tunes 2011 to 2019 compilation and a one-off track titled “Old Tape” for Adult Swim in 2019.

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