Булава, наконец-то: Minecraft получил крупный патч 1.21Новое оружие, булава. Сил..

Mace, Finally: Minecraft Receives Major Patch 1.21

New weapon, the mace. The hit strength depends on the number of blocks a player has flown before hitting — it’s more advantageous to strike while flying. Enchantments for the mace have also been added;
New mob, Whirlwind. It attacks players with wind charges that can knock back targets;
New mob, Marshman. This is a poisonous version of the regular skeleton;
Trial Chambers have been introduced — special structures where you can fight mobs and earn rewards;
Added potions of stickiness, contamination, weaving, and windiness, along with equivalent arrows;
New copper blocks introduced;
Added 20 new paintings and three music discs;
New arrows, ceramic shards, particles, and banners introduced;
New smithing templates added: flow and axis;
A set of tuff blocks has been added;
New achievements, cave sounds, and musical tracks introduced;
The ability to tether boats has been added.

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