Bizarre glitch allows Star Wars Jedi: Survivor enthusiast to wield the infamous Darksaber

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
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While we have actually stumbled upon the Darksaber a variety of times in Star Wars reveals, consisting of The Clone Wars and also a lot more just recently The Mandalorian, we have actually not yet had the possibility to possess it in a game. Well, not formally, anyhow. One fortunate Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gamer just recently exposed that they ran into a strange problem that made their lightsaber look equally like the famous black-bladed tool, and also we need to confess we’re greater than a little envious.

On the Fallen Order subreddit, an individual called tontongas clarified that while making use of a white lightsaber in Jedi: Survivor, they stumbled upon a “weird lighting glitch”. It’s difficult to state what created this technological misstep, yet the outcome is an extremely cool-looking Darksaber that Cal makes use of to cut via Bedlam Raiders. You can see it at work on your own in the video clip listed below.

Darksaber ? from r/FallenOrder

One follower commented, “Awesome glitch, and I’m honestly a little surprised that a black lightsaber isn’t one of the lightsaber colours unlocked in NG+”. Another states they’re “hoping they add it in future updates.”

Some followers are so pleased by the Darksaber that they’re not totally persuaded it isn’t a mod. In the video footage, we see a square punctual over an opponent’s head which would certainly recommend it’s from the PS5 variation and also, as a result, a real problem. “If this is really a glitch and not a mod, it’s the coolest glitch ever,” claimed customer UnluckyWerewolf7988.

Then there are some that do not assume it’s either and also rather feel it’s something that designer Respawn included in the game yet really did not make use of. “Maybe it’s not a glitch at all, maybe in the archives is an unused Darksaber model,” created one follower. Another responded, “That’s what I’m thinking. The animations are too smooth to be a glitch.”

Naturally, gamers were likewise eager to recognize exactly how the problem was created, yet unfortunately tontongas has no suggestion exactly how it transpired. According to the gamer, the Darksaber vanished when they refilled the game, and also they have not experienced it because. And by the appearances of it, nothing else gamers have actually experienced anything comparable.

Strange problems apart, the lightsabers in Jedi: Survivor are still excellent, as each colour comes with its own unique ignition sound

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