Battlefield 1’s sniper decoy positive will make your enemies really feel foolish

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Gadgets can be utilized to play foolish buggers and nonetheless be tremendous helpful.

Battlefield 1 is out this week, leaving loads of time to do a little homework on all the lessons earlier than it drops.

One of the extra attention-grabbing devices revealed is the decoy for the Scout class. Snipers generally is a thorn within the facet for a lot of gamers, and this gadget will flip them right into a full-on briar patch.

If you thought having your head shot off in the course of an epic motion sequence was mortifying, how about getting an ideal headshot on a tenting sniper solely to have your face implode a second later courtesy of a bullet out of your precise foe. That’s proper. You simply fell for the outdated head-on-a-stick routine. And now you’re lifeless.

The decoy seems to be ridiculous close-up however from a distance, it provides off the sniper glint and in the event you’ve positioned it strategically, it’ll appear to be a head peeking out, simply begging to be shot.

What’s extra, the enemy participant that destroys your decoy can be marked so you possibly can swiftly eliminate them earlier than setting out extra bait.

Battlefield 1 is out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 21.


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