Battlefield 1’s Operations mode has the potential to kill off Rush

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Westie explains why.

Now that the embargo is up, we’re seeing reviews and new gameplay for Battlefield 1 popping up in all places.

Westie’s video, uploaded yesterday, offers us a take a look at the Martini-Hanry endgame weapon for the Scout class, and the Assault class’ endgame weapon, the Hellreigal SMG.

All of the motion is going down in Operations mode, a “longer experience [that] tries to incorporate all different aspects of the Battlefield game down into one game mode,” as Westie describes it.

“It incorporates the capturing of flags from Conquest, and the constant push forward of the Rush game mode. And it kind of feels like it’s killing off the Rush game mode…I don’t really see much point in playing it when you could be in this multi-map assault pushing forward across massive maps. For me it’s just a better experience now,” he provides.

If you’ve 10 minutes to spare, have a gander on the video and see if you happen to agree, though there’s not lengthy to attend earlier than you can provide it a whirl for your self.

Battlefield 1 is out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on Friday October 21. If you’ve picked up the Early Enlister Edition, you possibly can boot it up and begin enjoying tomorrow.