Avatar’s James Cameron Reacts To Folks Calling The Franchise ‘Predictable’ Ahead Of Sequel Release

Sam Worthington's Jake Sully Na'vi in Avatar: The Way Of Water 2022 film

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The last time we went to the globe of Pandora was back in 2009 with the sci-fi dream impressive Avatar. Now that we’re obtaining closer to the December launch day of Avatar 2, the pressure is on for Avatar’s director James Cameron. Ahead of the follow up’s launch, James Cameron replied to the individuals calling his Oscar-chosen franchise business “predictable.”

It holds true that in the past, James Cameron has actually had lawsuits claiming he ripped off the idea of Avatar with source products from Pocahontas or Dances with Wolves. According to a meeting with IGN, there’s no chance that followers can call Avatar: The Way of Water “predictable.”

I assure you, you won’t have the ability to anticipate it. What individuals dislike one of the most is to drop in a flick and also state ‘oh… predictable.’ This is not foreseeable, I don’t assume. I oppose anyone to anticipate where this tale goes.


While it’s true that Avatar did provide target markets an acquainted story adhering to a guy venturing right into an unidentified globe and also succumbing to among its residents, there is no chance that any person can have visualized what Pandora would certainly resemble. Not to discuss, no person can have visualized just how practical the motion-capture results that James Cameron introduced for Avatar would certainly look.

Another essential factor target markets must not stress over Avatar: The Way of Water being foreseeable is considering James Cameron’s performance history with follows up. Some of Cameron’s best movies were the follows up to The Terminator and also Alien. The Oscar-winning supervisor is constantly taking it up a notch with his creative thinking and also cutting-edge innovation approaches. 

Audiences went to the globe of Pandora while the Neytiri got on the ground and also flying airborne. But an uncertain spin the follow up supplies is having part of the movie take place underwater! It was a grueling task for Avatar actor Sam Worthington to do activity capture undersea and also keep his personality’s psychological trip without bothering with threat. 

The just foreseeable component that concerned me for Avatar: The Way of Water was the film’s lengthy runtime of around 3 hrs. This shouldn’t be also stunning given that the initial film was 2 hrs and also 41 mins which is close to the follow up’s runtime. And like the Canadian supervisor stated, if you can binge-watch a program all the time, you can rest for 3 hrs viewing what I assume will certainly be a work of art.

If there’s anything foreseeable concerning spectators’ responses to Avatar: The Way of Water, it’s that they’re currently believing adversely concerning a flick prior to it’s also appeared. While visitors are obtaining impatient since they have actually needed to wait over a decade for the Avatar sequel, it deserves keeping in mind that advantages involve those that wait. I’m positive that James Cameron will certainly make it worth the delay and also provide target markets a visionary experience they will certainly always remember. 

We’ll simply need to wait and also see if the film is foreseeable or otherwise when Avatar: The Way of Water strikes cinemas on December 16, at the end of the 2022 movie schedule.

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