Анонсирован нуарный триллер про далёкое будущее — 2329 год, Нью-ЙоркВ мире Nobod..

A noir thriller set in the distant future – New York, 2329, has just been announced

In the world of Nobody Wants to Die, death has been defeated: people have achieved immortality, but there’s a catch – eternity is only available through a subscription. Immortality is achieved by transferring consciousness from one body to another.

The main character of the game is a detective chasing a serial killer who targets local elites. A young police officer, Sara Kay, will assist him with the investigation.

This ambitious transhumanism project uses the Unreal Engine 5, so at least the graphics should be top-notch.

Set to release this year on PC and modern consoles, it’ll also have a Russian localization.

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