Angel Bat Dawid and Tha Brothahood Release New Live Album: Listen

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LIVE was recorded one 12 months in the past at Haus der Berliner Festspiele throughout JazzFest Berlin

Angel Bat Dawid and Tha Brothahood onstage.
Angel Bat Dawid and Tha Brothahood, picture by Cristina Marx/Photomusix

Chicago-based singer, composer, and clarinetist Angel Bat Dawid has launched a brand new new reside album together with her band Tha Brothahood. LIVE was largely recorded on November 1, 2019 at Haus der Berliner Festspiele throughout JazzFest Berlin. LIVE might be issued on vinyl and CD codecs in January 2021, with liner notes penned by Pitchfork contributor Shannon J. Effinger. Listen to the album beneath (by way of International Anthem).

Tha Brothahood consists of Deacon Otis Cooke (vocals, synth), Viktor Le Givens (vocals, auxiliary devices), Xristian Espinoza (tenor sax, percussion), Norman W. Long (electronics, synths), Dr. Adam Zanolini (double bass, bass guitar, soprano sax, flute, percussion), Isaiah Collier (drums), and Asher Simiso Gamedze (drums), with Angel Bat Dawid as bandleader.

A press launch for LIVE reveals that Angel and members of the band have been en path to the airport in Chicago once they acquired information that Viktor Le Gives had been hospitalized after passing out on the road. When he got here to, all of his private belongings have been lacking. When they arrived in Berlin, the band’s supervisor reached out to the manufacturing workers of JazzFest Berlin to tell them of the state of affairs, and the preliminary reply was allegedly, “If you cannot find a substitute, we will have to reduce your fee.”

“It really put a whole damper on my spirit to have to deal with this a few hours before performing,” Angel stated within the press launch. “How the fuck is this response ever acceptable anywhere?!” She continued:

I’ve points basically about the best way artists are handled as a result of I see a distinction in how tech people deal with ladies and artist of colour…. I’m calling it out. A variety of the racism and issues I’m speaking about are steeped in microaggressions and are so refined and may go unnoticed. But all these issues occur so much and it was very evident on the pageant…. Yes I’m hyper delicate to any infraction I ever see, really feel or observe in relation to racism, and I now not go it off as an over sensitivity however a chance to blow the whistle on mental and structural racism that’s nonetheless a rampant and ugly beast, particularly within the European music world.



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