Andor’s Anto Kreegyr is a pointer that we’re still just seeing a little component of the disobedience

A blue hologram of Anto Kreegyr from Star Wars: Andor

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Andor has actually constantly had to do with the hidden costs of the Rebellion. Whether it’s the financing safeguarded by Mon Mothma, the sacrifices of regular citizens and also their on-the-ground resistance, or the psychological and also ethical toll that years of preparation has actually tackled Luthen, Andor desires us to understand that every success for the rebels has a cost, also if we can’t see it.

But for as long as Andor’s personalities have actually given up to withstand the Empire currently, the program’s 11th episode is additionally a pointer that there are much better sacrifices being paid by personalities we’ll never ever see all over the galaxy. In no location is this even more clear than the discussion in between Luthen and also guerilla-rebel Saw Gerrera talking about the destiny of an undetected personality called Anto Kreegyr.

[Ed. note: This story contains spoilers for episode 11 of Andor.]

Kreegyr’s is a name we’ve listened to a couple of times on Andor, said by Imperial and also Rebel pressures alike.

In Andor’s 8th episode, Luthen attempts to persuade Saw to consult with Anto as a fellow rebel leader, however Saw declines, because they came from various intrigues throughout the Clone Wars — a pointer that also for the hopeless Rebellion, old animosities aren’t simple to see previous.

But Anto is a vital number for the Empire right now also. In episode 11 they’re holding Bix, Cassian’s pal on Ferrix, detainee, and also tormenting her for info on Cassian’s location. But they concentrate on Kreegyr, that they (improperly) suspicious Bix presented to Cassian. Since the Empire declines to see the immensity of the Star Wars Rebellion, its dimension and also complication develops into a device that can be made use of to the Rebels’ benefit. And that’s a truth that Luthen is cognizant of.

When Luthen go back to Saw in episode 11, he brings some brand-new and also really various info concerning Anto: Luthen’s mosting likely to allow him pass away. The prepare for Anto’s most recent procedure have actually come under Imperial hands. Rather than shed his guy on the within the Empire’s procedures, Luthen has actually determined the sacrifice of Anto and also his 30 males is a cost worth paying.

Even a seasoned rebel like Saw is taken by shock at the cold of Luthen’s activities, however nobody must be. Luthen has actually constantly been ahead of time concerning himself when he’s amongst fellow rebels: He’s surrendered himself to doing whatever it requires to quit the Empire, regardless of the price.

But while the cold of Luthen shouldn’t come as a shock to customers, specifically after Stellan Skarsgård’s outstanding talk at the end of episode 10, the Anto minute still attracts attention as a pointer of just how much of the battle we aren’t seeing.

While Luthen is plainly interested in procedures like the Aldhani work and also protecting financing for the reason via Mon Mothma, he’s additionally a creature master with lots of strategies in the jobs throughout the galaxy any time. His laid-back reference of Anto as a little cost to pay allows us understand simply exactly how large the extent of his disobedience is. And Luthen is much from the only rebel leader in the galaxy, also if there’s mosting likely to be one much less after Anto’s last work.

This little scene concerning the cold-but-critical culling of a couple of loads males for absolutely nothing is equally as vital to reveal as any one of Cassian’s real objectives. For all the concentrate on the heroism of routine individuals that Andor has actually offered the Star Wars world, and also its focus on the little minutes, private lives, and also awful sacrifices that develop the myths of characters like Luke Skywalker, it’s similarly vital for it not to allow us fail to remember that Cassian isn’t that unique. He’s among hundreds of rebels throughout the Star Wars galaxy with tales worth informing.


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